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Kimiya Project Lab is a community interest consultancy focused on advancing equity.

Driven by discovery, we do this by developing strategies, programs, and tools that enable organizations to advance their mission powerfully.


With, not for

We work as collaborators to help teams bring about the changes they want to see. People are the experts of their own experiences.

Start with Discovery

We’ll begin by collaboratively building an understanding of your organization, its needs, and objectives.

Connect, DOn't Invent

We leverage existing knowledge and resources. Then, we do our best to complement these assets with open source tools.

Collaboration over Competition

In our work, there are no competitors. We will all learn, share models and insights, profile new approaches, and convene conversations on issue areas related to our work.

Outcomes that Matter

We work with you to advance projects that meet your needs, engage stakeholders purposefully, and lead to strong collective output–creating value for you and the broader public. This ensures that the work we do together really does move the marker.

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What does Kimiya stand for?

‘Kimiya’ (pronounced 'Kim-ee-yah') is based on the Arabic word for alchemy (al-kimiya), the practice of pursuing the elixir of life and trying to turn non-precious materials into valuable metals like gold. In pursuit of these ends, alchemists stumbled upon some of the foundational pieces of modern-day chemistry and made other important discoveries.

What type of projects do you take on?

Our work includes organizational strategy and change, research and insights, program design, and learning and development. Given our focus on process and our commitment to co-development, our projects are wide-ranging and span all sectors. We integrate outreach and engagement, skill building, and knowledge exchange across our work.

How are you different?

Most companies are measured by the value they create for shareholders, customers, and owners. That matters. Though, the additional value we create for stakeholders and society is just as important–the public value.

At Kimiya, we recognize that all organizations play a social function and can therefore shift how people live in and contribute to society. This guides our operations as well as the work we do.

We believe that a public value mandate not only helps to do good, it also forces more collaborative, creative, and sustainable outcomes.

Who is Kimiya?

Co-leads Alicia Dobson and Layla Farhat operate Kimiya, with the support of a vast network of collaborators. Interested in being a part of our network? Let’s connect!

Get In Touch With Kimiya

E-MAIL team@kimiyaprojectlab.com