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Kimiya Project Lab is a consultancy that works with clients across industries to develop strategies, products, and programs that contribute to a world where everyone can thrive.

What makes Kimiya different? From the start, we put access, equity, and community at the core of every project, because we know this leads to better solutions which ultimately helps you deliver results.


Kimiya provides a wide-range of services, and only some of them are listed here. Contact us for a more in-depth conversation about how we can help.

People & Change

Working with you and your team to transform your human resources processes, policies, and overall culture to achieve your change goals and build a more equitable workplace. Together, we’ll make sure everyone plays a role in shaping the future of your organization and your team is equipped for the long-term.

Strategy & Operations

Take your strategic planning cycles beyond box-checking and corporate retreats. We will work with you and engage others connected to your organization to develop a solid strategic plan rooted in community, relationships, and accountability. We’ll also support you in creating work plans so you have clear roadmaps to your vision.

Executive Advisory

Strategic guidance and leadership development for executives and board members on developing policies and programs while building responsive organizations that put people first.

Community Engagement and Impact

Deepening community relationships and working with teams to define and reach your social impact and sustainability goals.

Program Audits, Feasibility Studies, and New Programs

Identify opportunities to adapt to changing contexts and meet new needs, scale a program, or get a new program off the ground - from identifying community needs through to implementation.

Responding to Challenges

When issues come up, we will work with you to think outside of traditional approaches to risk management. We will help you really engage with the issue, take accountability, rebuild relationships, and develop a path forward that contributes to trust building.

Communications & Content

Creating and reviewing materials like learning resources, fundraising campaigns, key messaging, and everything in between to make sure the way you talk about your work reflects your values and resonates with your audience.

Interim Executive Leadership

We’ll join your leadership team for a defined period of time and help you navigate periods of change and growth, ultimately setting your executive up for the long term.

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Working as partners

We work to help teams and communities bring about the changes they want to realize. Everyone brings expertise, experience, and relationships that are critical to moving our work forward. You can expect regular check-ins and active engagement at every stage of our work.

Building a high-trust environment

We start our work by building an understanding of your organization, needs, and goals. We engage staff, community members, and users purposefully to understand how they experience and contribute to your work and build meaningful relationships that will help to shape project activities and outputs.

Opportunities for learning and adjusting

Throughout our work, we make space for learning and create opportunities to shape project outputs together so that we can all feel confident they will work. We will also support you in implementing new strategies along the way so that we can troubleshoot and adjust our approach in real-time. We care about your success, during and after our work together.

Success comes in many forms

Traditional performance measurement tools don’t always encourage trying new things or adapting to change, and don’t create space for different ways of knowing and identifying success. Together, we will determine what impact and success mean for your organization and develop an approach that supports a responsive, people-first way to achieve your goals.


team A

Layla Farhat (she/elle)

Layla co-founded Kimiya Project Lab to help companies and organizations realize their full potential to have a positive impact on society through their operations and their work. She is a trusted advisor and strategist to teams across industries, from universities to startups, and is passionate about advancing ways of working that are rooted in equity and dignity, and that challenge entrenched management practices. At Kimiya, Layla leads projects, advises executives on leadership and change, and helps teams develop strategies that bring them closer to their goals. Layla also works directly with leaders to transform governance structures, human resources functions, and respond to risk through trust building and accountability. She values high-trust environments, transparency, and working across difference. Layla works in English, French, and Arabic.

team B

Alicia Dobson (she/elle)

Alicia co-founded Kimiya Project Lab to support people doing the important work of making everyone's lives better, and particularly people who are systematically excluded from the decisions that impact them. She has worked extensively to support people and teams advancing systems change and Indigenous self-determination in the North. At Kimiya, Alicia designs processes that engage communities actively in the issues that affect them, leads projects with public sector and non-profit organizations, and supports strategy development. Alicia also advises teams on community economic development and innovation, competitive award processes that centre equity, and sustainable program management. Alicia values relationships, openness, and collaborating with diverse teams and communities in projects that bring together different industries and ways of knowing.

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Do you have an idea or challenge you would like to talk about? We’re eager to meet people doing important work and help however we can - through advice, resources, or connecting you with others.


If you have a project or change in mind, contact us. We start by discussing the work with you to see if it’s a good fit for our skills. This also gives you a chance to get to know us and our approach. Then, we’ll put together a service offer that explains the work, the timeline, and the costing. We’ll agree on these details together, sign a contract, and get started.